• Cannabis Deals in Woodlake, CA


    15% off ALL edibles and drinks! | 30% off ALL 710 Labs PERSY Rosin and PERSY Pods! | Buy any 100mg Plus edible and receive a Watermelon edible for $.01! (No Limit) | WAKE N BAKE HOUR: 20% off all eighths between 10am and 12pm! | ROSIN RUSH HOUR: 25% off all Solventless concentrates between 4pm and 7pm!

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    Customer Appreciation Deal: 30% off any ONE eighth of your choice! | BOGO on West Coast Cure cartridges! (No Limit) | 30% off ALL Cookies cartridges, pre-roll packs, and 2g blunts! | WAKE N BAKE HOUR: 20% off all eighths between 10am and 12pm! | BLAZED & INFUZED HOUR: 25% off all Infused pre-rolls between 4pm and 7pm! | **LOCALS ONLY VENDOR DAY 5:30pm - 7:30pm!**

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    30% off ALL non-solventless concentrates! (live resin, wax, badder) | 15% off ALL solventless concentrates! (rosin, water hash) | **HEAVY HITTERS VENDOR DAY 4pm - 6pm!**

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    15% off ALL vape cartridges and disposables! | 25% off ALL Stiiizy pods and disposables! | **HONEYLEAF VENDOR DAY 11am - 3pm** | **INTAKE VENDOR DAY 1pm - 6pm!**

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    15% off ALL eighths of flower! | 50% off select eighths of flower! (in-store availability only) | **Claybourne Vendor Day 12pm - 3pm!** | **INTAKE VENDOR DAY 1pm - 6pm** | **CREME DE CANNA COLLECTIVE VENDOR DAY 4pm - 7pm!** | **DOVETAIL VENDOR DAY 4pm - 7pm!** | **JEETER VENDOR DAY 5pm - 7pm!**

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    15% off ALL quarters, halves, ounces, and pre-rolls! | 30% off ALL Stiiizy Live Resin & Diamonds! (concentrates, not pods) | **STIIIZY VENDOR DAY 12pm - 3pm!**

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    Buy any Volcannx eighth jar, receive an eighth bag for $.01! (Limit 3) | BOGO on 100mg edibles! (No Limit, BOGO option is specific) | Buy ANY cartridge and receive a Honeyleaf 1g cartridge for $2! (No Limit) | $.01 pre-roll with every eighth purchased! (No Limit, excludes Volcannx) | **710 LABS VENDOR DAY 1pm - 3pm!**

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