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Maximize Your Cannabis Experience: How To Find The Right Dose For You

We love so many things about cannabis: The soothing, pain-relieving attention it brings to sore muscles, the gentle and sustainable relief from stress, anxiety and other conditions, and not least the relaxing euphoria it imparts.

But as researchers continue to unlock the secrets of this most miraculous plant, one thing is becoming clear: Less is usually more when it comes to cannabis. Several studies suggest that many of us get more relief from a smaller cannabis dose.

How do you find your optimal dose? We’ll tell you about a simple process to dial it in, and then lay out an easy plan to help you get the absolute most from your precious green.


As you’ve no doubt noticed, not everyone reacts the same way to the same amount of cannabis. The same cannabis dose—like a 10mg square of cannabis-infused chocolate—might affect one person noticeably but have little visible effect on another.

To some degree, that’s hardly surprising. Each of us is unique, after all, and cannabis is a startlingly complex plant, containing over 100 cannabinoids—the “active ingredients” such as THC and CBD—but over 200 terpenes, or complex fragrant oils, as well!

What’s more, researchers studying how cannabis interacts with the human body have noted a unique effect called biphasism. In the case of a medicine such as cannabis, this means that below a certain cannabis dose, many of us experience an increase in health benefits, but above that dose, our tolerance increases and we actually begin experiencing more negative side effects, such as dizziness and paranoia.

A number of studies support the conclusion that—for most of us—when it comes to cannabis, less is more. There is a minority of cannabis users—perhaps 10% in all—who require higher doses for the same effectiveness.


If—all things being equal—we’ll get better results from less cannabis, how do we determine the right dose? That’s where titration comes in. In short, titration is nothing more than taking minimal cannabis doses and carefully monitoring the results over time to find your optimal dose.

Here’s how we recommend you begin: Start with the smallest possible cannabis dose, and over the course of a week or two, very slowly work your way up until you’ve reached optimal results and minimal side effects. This means that at first, it may take longer to address your symptoms. But if you can exercise patience, you’ll increase your chances of finding consistent, effective and sustainable relief.

Each time you take your cannabis medicine, take a moment to tune into your body and assess what’s happening. How do your symptoms feel? Are there any negative side effects? Are the symptoms different from the last time you tried the same cannabis dose?

One simple but very helpful tool is a cannabis journal. At its most basic, it’s just some simple notes on your experience, like:

Time of dosage

Amount of dosage

If medicine was in edible form, was it taken on an empty stomach?

Other medicines taken

Effect on symptoms

How long to take effect?

Overall change compared with last dosage

It won’t require more than a minute or two to jot this down after you take each cannabis dose. We urge you to try it. Once you make the investment in finding your optimal cannabis dose, you’ll unlock the true potential of this truly remarkable, all-natural medicine.

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