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Edibles and cannabis drinks are a fun, flavourful, and health-conscious alternative to cannabis flowers. But if you’re new to using them, you must know a few things about dosing-infused products before you dig in.


Knowing just how much to take when it comes to edibles and beverages can be tricky. Even experienced cannabis consumers can end up ingesting too much and being overwhelmed by the effects of cannabis.

How can you know just how much to ingest? There are a couple of things to be mindful of before grabbing some treats from our Woodlake marijuana dispensary.

First, the strength of the effects you experience with a certain dose will depend on your tolerance to cannabis. If you consume cannabis on a regular basis, then THC has had a chance to build up in your system and the effects of whatever you ingest won’t hit you quite as hard as they would otherwise. If you are an occasional or first-time user, the same dosage will produce much more powerful effects.

Additionally, effect strength can also depend on your body and metabolism. Those with a fast metabolism will digest the edible much quicker and experience its strong effects faster. Furthermore, some people are simply sensitive to THC and will experience much stronger effects than others would at the same dosage.


One of the biggest mistakes that people make with edibles is trying to eat more before their effects have had a chance to set in. It’s important to understand that the digestive system can take some time to fully process whatever you’ve ingested, especially if you are eating infused cannabis on a full or an empty stomach.

Thanks to this lengthy digestive process, the effects of a cannabis edible can last as long as 6-8 hours. However, they can also take as long as 1-2 hours to kick in.

It’s really important to give your edible or beverage time to work before ingesting more. Reaching for another edible too quickly is a rookie mistake that often results in overwhelmingly powerful effects once everything has actually begun to digest. Make sure that you wait for the first edible to kick in before taking another one, even if it takes a couple of hours.

Thankfully some newer edibles and cannabis beverages have been specially formulated to be fast-acting. These products can begin to work in as little as 20-30 minutes, making the whole process more convenient and reducing the likelihood of making a mistake when dosing edibles.


If it’s your first time enjoying edibles or cannabis drinks, here’s what you can probably expect from a specific dosage.

5 MG

This dosage is not usually enough to produce strong effects and is usually used for microdosing. However, it may still produce some mildly noticeable effects for some people.

10-15 MG

While it may seem low, this dosage can still produce pretty powerful effects for many people. Expect to feel at least some physical and cerebral euphoria.

20-25 MG

This can be a fairly high dosage for people who don’t regularly consume cannabis. You’ll be sure to experience some moderate to intense cerebral and physical euphoria when consuming this much.

35+ MG

Unless you regularly consume cannabis, you should probably avoid ingesting this high of a dosage. You can expect some very intense effects when ingesting this much and it may very well be too much for a first-timer or an occasional cannabis user.

Ready to try some for yourself? Stop by our Woodlake marijuana dispensary or check out our online menu now!


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