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Wax 101: What Are Wax Concentrates & How Do You Use Them?

While some concentrates have a more liquid, honey, or glass-like consistency, others are waxier in nature. From honey oil to badder and crumble, there are many different types of wax concentrates, and several different ways to enjoy them.


Available at our Woodlake marijuana dispensary, wax concentrates are a type of cannabis concentrate that are known for their waxy appearance, texture, and consistency. Thanks to their more solid form, they are easier to handle and less messy to work with than most other concentrates. Nevertheless, the consistency of these concentrates can vary from solid, flakey, and chunky like honeycomb and crumble, to a little gooier like budder and badder.

They are made through a butane extraction process and are sometimes also referred to as BHO concentrates. Butane is used to strip the plant material of the resin (cannabinoids, terpenes, and more) before being purged with heat. Concentrates that have been properly purged should contain no remaining traces of butane, leaving behind only what was extracted from the plant.

Waxy concentrates are just as potent as any other kind of BHO concentrate


There are several different ways to enjoy waxy concentrates. They can be smoked, vaped, or dabbed, depending on what you prefer and what kind of equipment you have on hand.


The simplest way to use waxy concentrates is simply by adding them to your bowls and joints. Thanks to their more solid consistency, it’s much easier to do this with a waxy concentrate than it is with more liquid ones.

Simply pack your bowl as usual and place a dab of concentrate on top. Once it meets the heat from a flame, it will begin to melt over top and down into the bowl, covering your green and making it much more potent.

You can similarly sprinkle it on top of the green in your joint or blunt, but make sure to break it up finely and spread it out evenly so as to prevent it from clogging up your rollie.


If your vaporizer is able to vape concentrates as well as herb, then you can also vape waxy concentrates. But it’s important to make sure that your vaporizer is indeed compatible with concentrates before trying. Using a vaporizer that isn’t could lead to damage and a broken vape.


Certain types of vaporizers are specifically built to vape concentrates. Wax pens, also known as dab pens, are some of the most popular. These vapes have a pen-like shape and are super easy to carry and convenient to use. Simply load them up with a dab of concentrate and fire them up.


Dab rigs are water pipes that have been specifically made for doing dabs. They function very similarly to bongs but instead of a bowl for bud they have a ‘nail’ for loading up dabs. To do a dab out of a rig you’ll need to use a torch lighter to heat up the nail before placing a dab of concentrate on top of it. Simply inhale through the glass stem as you would when using a bong and enjoy your dab! Here’s a handy step-by-step guide to doing dabs.

Looking to get your hands on some potent waxy concentrates? Stop by our Woodlake marijuana dispensary or check out our online menu for an impressive selection of concentrates that you’re sure to love!

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